Célia Mara: Brazilian Bastardsound

Celia Mara’s Bastard Sound is an exciting, high-level dance mix with profound lyrics and illustrated with live visuals. It can be described as transglobal, samba-tango-jazz-reggae-hiphop-bossa-glamour-rock-ska-and-funk, effortlessly alterable to fit in any underground club as well as on large open air stages. Fly global music culture, London calls it: “This is one for the hostels and student halls of Europe and South America; Manu Chao meets Yerba Buena meets Carlinhos Brown meets…“ The music is groovy, full of surprises and does not fit in any categories. The lyrics are in Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and French. They are urban poems, the voice of migration – communication without borders! All her songs are dedicated to the questions of life, like love, politics and religion … a great band with an explosive lead singer and a lot of rebellious energy. Nu Brazil strictly made in Vienna.

“Brash, confident and assured“ (Songlines, UK)