Fanfare Ciocarlia

Tuesday, 14th August, 20:00, Mariahilferplatz

The remote Romanian village Zece Prăjini is home to the 12-piece brass band that resembles a hurricane on stage, sending their audiences from Melbourne to Memphis into sheer ecstacy from this live experience. This band does not only stand for entertainment on the highest level but first and foremost for introducing Romanian gypsy music to the world. With their fast-paced brass music they reach punk, jazz and funk fans alike and are also to be found in renowned concert halls and opera houses. Their music was part of the soundtrack in Fatih Akins film «Head-on» and Sacha Baron Cohen’s «Borat»

„heavy heavy monster sound“ (Londoner Times)


Paul Marian Bulgaru: trumpet
Constantin Sulo Călin: baritone horn
Constantin Pînca Cântea: tuba
Nicolae Ioniță: percussion
Daniel Ivancea: saxophone
Laurențiu Mihai Ivancea: tenor horn
Oprică Ivancea: clarinet, saxophone
Rădulescu Lazăr: trumpet, vocals
Costică Cimai Trifan: trumpet, vocals
Monel Gutzel Trifan: tuna
Costel Gisniac Ursu: kettle drum

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