Prem Joshua & Band

16th August, 20:00, Mariahilferplatz

Prem Joshua is a composer, multi-instumentalist and a pioneer regarding world fusion music. The art of his music is that he is building bridges between the eastern and the western world of music traditions. He gets his inspiration from India’s longstanding tradition and complements it with influences and styles of contemporary western music. You listen to sounds that evoke the feeling of letting oneself go but at the same time have a meditative impact. Indian kitsch, Sufi poetry, reggae, jazz, funk and trance is so skillfully intertwined that his music has been rightfully called world music.

“Prem Joshua and his international band are a unique phenomenon in the field of World Music. In a refreshing way they create new bridges between the musical cultures of Asia and the West.” (KGS Magazin, Berlin)


Prem Joshua: sitar, bamboo flutes, soprano sax, dilruba, vocals
Chintan Relenberg: loops, keyboards, darbouka, tabla, vocals
Raul Sengupta: tabla, percussion, vocals
Satgyan Fukuda: bass, percussion, vocals

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