12th August, 20:00, Mariahilferplatz

The German combo Mardi reminds one of Oreo cookies, their style blending “black music” like blues, brass band, soul and funk and “white music” like chanson, pop, rock, punk, alternative country and psychedelic. In the nineties they came to local popularity as an 11-piece New Orleans Brass Band Ensemble with their funky programme Tower of Power. Today they reformed around singer Jochen “Doc” Wenz and Reverend Krug.
Their mix of genres appears to know no limits and that goes well with the name of the band. Mardi translated from French means “fat Tuesday” and with reference to the festivities in New Orleans, it also refers to the fat beats that have brought them to international success.

“Whether it is the guitar or, as in “Von Humboldt Picnic (2009), sitar and tabla that add to the brass section: the band guarantees a fantastic mood and high spirits…free of any restraints that come with a concept album” ( – German music website)


Jochen “Doc” Wenz: vocals, arranger, guitar, songwriter
Reverend Krug: sousaphone, bass
Erwin Ditzner (aka “Sir”): percussion
Robert Solomon: trombone
Christian Ehringer (aka Chris Bishop): jazz trumpet, flugelhorn
Uli Röser (aka “Bluegrass“; earlier “Loose Hip“): jazz trombone
Lömsch Le Mans: saxophone, clarinet
Dj Mahmut: phonographics, fragments
Javier de la Poza (aka “El Tigre“): bass drums, cajón

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