Balkan Screening

18th/19th/21st/22nd August, 20:30, presbytery St. Andrä, in case of rain: Andräsaal

For four evenings four films allow deep insights in the life, the love and death of the Balkan region.
The programme portrays people scarred by the war but who haven’t lost their pride and their dark bittersweet humour and a tendency to great tragedy with a glimpse of hope. The questions raised about their nationality, the quest for forgiveness and guilt beyond war are mirrored in these films as well as the lust for life, which is presented through music and dance.

Sunday, 18th August: WHOSE IS THIS SONG? By Adela Peeva (Bulgaria 2002), original version with English subtitles
The documentary “Whose is this song?” by Adela Peeva is fully in line with this festival. The director asks about the nationality of one particular song and goes on an adventurous journey through Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Bosnia and Macedonia in search for an answer. What she finds is that many songs belong to everyone and no one at the same time. Tragic and comedy at the same time, it is the story of a song – love song, religious hymn and battle song at the same time – which shows the cultural diversity of the Balkans with a strong voice.

Monday 19th August: Krugovi/The Circles by Srdjan Golubovic (Serbia, Germany, France, Slovenia, Croatia 2013), original version with English subtitles
This film was won with three awards at the Festroia film festival in June 2013. Touchingly, without being sappy, it is working on issues like forgiveness and revenge. Inspired by the real story of the Serbian soldier Srdan Aleksic, who had to pay a high price for his courage.

Wednesday 21st August: Turneja/The Tour by Goran Markovic (Serbia, Montenegro 2008), original version with English subtitles
Sensitive issues, like the war, wrapped in a bittersweet dark comedy by having a group of actors from Belgrade marching through the country and unmask the absurdity of war.

Please Note! Program change for Thursday: KRUGOVI /THE CIRCLES will be screened.
Thursday 22nd August: Beli, Beli Svet/White, White World by Oleg Novkovic (Serbia, Germany, Sweden 2010), German Version
The tragic moment of a Greek choir is added to the very sensitive story of incest. The protagonist is looking for forgiveness in the fallow land of a mining city in Serbia’s southeast.

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