Balkan Cup

Tuesday, 20th August, 20:00, Island in the Mur

A very special friendly between languages and countries.
Why is dreaming in foreign countries something very special? And how come everyone can be a winner at an international match? – All that is answered at the “Balkan Cup”, a poetry slam in a class of its own, for the first time on the island in the Mur.
In a so called friendly match between Austrian slammers and guests from the Balkan region, the verbal acrobats tell personal experiences or fiction in their 5 minute texts.

Like in a real match there will be half-times, suspense until the last minute is guaranteed. But even a friendly has a winner and so the audience decides which spoken, sung or rapped recital is the best.

Host: Mario Tomic (winner of last years Murton Poetry Slam, winner of the Austrian Slam Championship 2011)
Playful pre-selection of the participating slammers: Mike Strong (Graz), Ines Jokic (Frankfurt/Rijeka), Simon Cazzanelli (Graz/Leifers in Southern Tyrol), Nikolas Haag (Rijeka), Haris Kovacevic (Tuzla), Kuno Kosmos (Graz)

Free entry!