Saturday, 24th August, from 21:00, Mariahilferplatz

The sound comes from the belly – the soul resides in the turntables – pure vocal acrobatics!
BAUCHKLANG is a five-piece “vocal groove collective” from Austria. With a unique mixture of human beatboxing, vocal percussions and vocal sounds, they are covering a musical landscape stretching from electro to minimal, to dub and hip hop, using only their voices on the way. They create dance music and are certainly not an a-cappella cover band. Bauchklang are a human rhythm machine.

Beatboxing finds its roots in the early 80ies hip-hop. With the help of the voice, the diaphragm, belly and mouth the sounds created by synthesizers, drum machines or the so-called scratching are copied. Beatboxing cannot be compared to rapping, it is more a percussive, onomatopoeic and rhythmic chain of sounds. Influences can be found in scat or doo-woop, musical styles that have their roots in Afro-American gospels and spirituals. Further down this line a-cappella can be traced back centuries as a form of singing or as means of communication. From time immemorial the imitation of sounds was used to trade information about possible danger or the possibility to continue performing a hip-shaking dance. These rhythmized sounds of orientation, celebration or survival are the origin of beatboxing. An urban sound and musical experience with the longest standing history in pop music. Your body, your only instrument.

Free entry!