Brosd Koal

Sunday, 18th August, Augarten

“Musik to good for this world.”
Brosd Koal stand out for their immense pioneering spirit. Their music stretches from, up until now unthinkable, Americana trained but local folk music to techno rock – but within one song. Alleged “no goes” like brass music, easy listening or dialect rock are definitely on their agenda and blended in with graceful logic and trashy spirit so that the outcome can only be defined as listening experience.

Brosd Koal sing in their Upper Austrian dialect which sometimes is very hard to understand, but it is not their main objective to be literally understood. The lyrics make a lot of music and brush past the attitude of the “Wiener Gruppe” (Viennese Group), Artmann or Jandl but stay down to earth.

Free entry!

In case of rain, the “Polka-Remixed” concerts take place at the generalmusikdirektion from 16:00.