Salt from the sea

Wednesday 21st August, from 21:00, Minorites cloister

Reading & Styrian Brazil-jazz to “Sladka Gora”
This is a combination of the poetic meditations “Sladka Gora” by the Styrian poet with Slavic roots Alois Hergouth and the music by Styrian Songbook, a trio that gives Styrian folkore a Brazilian touch.

The writer Gloria Kaiser translated Sladka Gora into Brazilian, which is the base for a further artistic layer. Daniel Doujenis, an actor of Greek origin, is reading the Brazilian version supported by the Brazilian singer Daniela de Lima. Instrumental yodelling, Styrian and Brazilian songs and free interpreted onomatopoeia enter into artistic dialogue with the sensual depth of the Styrian poet, Alois Hergouth.

Daniel Doujenis
As a freelance actor he played and staged various plays amongst them “Richard III”. He gave guest performances at international festivals, also in former Yugoslavia. He also played in movies and on television, did readings on the radio, at the styriarte and in the Literaturhaus Graz. Since 2001 he is “senior lecturer” at the university for acting in Graz. The Graz opera house saw him on stage as Miksa in “Die Csárdásfürstin” and Max Dettweiler in “The Sound of Music”.

Daniela de Lima
At the tender age of 11 she already celebrated her first successes on stage. As a singer for the band “Banda Brazil 2000” she toured Brazil. She sang with renowned artists like Eliane de Lima, Dalvan, Alceu Valenca, Elba Ramalho and enthuses her audience with her lively appearance and expressive voice.

Styrian Songbook
“Häduli” is the name of the new CD, where a selection of traditional songs of the Styrian repertoire is remodelled with Brazilian jazz sounds. Styrian songbook focuses on the simple treasures of the alpine folk music. Latin American rhythms make the foundation underneath the complex net of modern harmonic.

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