Dobrek Bistro

Saturday, 18th August, 20:30, Mariahilferplatz

The quartet Dobrek Bistro is made up of the Polish accordion player Krzystof Dobrek, the Russian violin player Aliosha Biz, Brazilian multi percussionist Luis Ribeiro and the Viennese jazz contra bass player Sascha Lackner. The name Bistro stems from the Russian word for fast “bystro”, standing for the virtuosic speed of their performances as well as the melancholic elegance of the Parisian Musette-waltz that composer Dobrek appreciates so much.

Musette, Latin-American styles like salsa, tango and bossa nova, jazz, gypsy swing, classical influences, the music from the Balkans and the Orient, of the Roma and Jews of Eastern Europe as well as Slavic folk music are the ingredients of this melange of styles to which the description “fusion” or “crossover” wouldn’t do justice. Their compositional secrets are explained by maitre de Krzysztof Dobrek: “We make salsa sound Gypsy, tango sounds Viennese, Jazz a little bit Yiddish and the Musette has a Russian touch.” The musical provinces are made to sound like the world, the world never forgets its musical roots – with Dobrek Bistro


Krzysztof Dobrek: accordeon
Aliosho Biz: violin
Sascha Lackner: contra bass
Luis Ribeiro: percussion