Saturday, 18th August, 19:30, Mariahilferplatz

Remasuri [rema’su:ri] f commotion, disorder, chaos, but also turbulence, boundless pleasure, (Ital: rammassare = accumulate)
The Remasuri is a typical Viennese suburban inn. The remasuri crowd is the landlord and his regulars.
remasuri’s songs are Viennese songs full of emotion, deep, musically diverse and sometimes witty (and not at all stupid).
The bar-tanned host interprets stories in the Viennese dialect and the virtuosic regulars build the musical set to go with it. This is the foundation of the new Viennese song, inspired by many different musical styles…


Christoph “Landlord” Michalke: vocals, stories
Marie “Misses Marie” Pammesberger: vocals
“Pondering Charlie” Carl Majneri: guitar
Jürgen “M.D.” Mitterlehner: saxophone
Erich “Lord” Meixner: accordion
Stefan “Green Tea” Mayrhofer: bass
Jörg “The Sir” Enzmann: drums