Concept Art Orchestra & Nubox

Ed Partyka, nuBox & Concept Art Orchestra

13th August, 20:00, Mariahilferplatz

Directed by the American composer Ed Partyka the electronic club music of German quartet nuBox is teaming up with the modern big band jazz of the Concept Art Orchestra. This orchestra cradles young jazz talents from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Performed are 6 movements of sonification called “Bigbandtronics”.

“I think that jazz in Europe, and, in fact, in each country has its own sound. In larger countries, such as Germany, there are even regional differences: jazz in Berlin sounds different from jazz in Cologne. Thanks to my teaching experience I know that a wonderful generation of young jazz musicians has arisen in Central Europe.“ (Ed Partyka)


Ed Partyka

Reiner Winterschladen: trumpet
Alois Kott: contrabass
Peter E. Eisold: drums
DJ Illvibe

The Concept Art Orchestra

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