Der Weg ist das Spiel – Georg Gratzer Solo

Saturday, 18th August, 22:00, Minoritenkloster, cloister at the Minorites

Dhrupad is an Indian form of chant which has been passed on from teacher to student for thousands of years. In Dhrupad it is not about a note, it is about sounds and resonances that are built around every single note. The scale is not held captive in an octave but dances playfully through and over the European rules. Pianos or guitars are not the right instruments for this vocal genre, woodwind instruments are.
Georg Gratzer has studied with the internationally acclaimed Gundecha Brothers in the Indian town of Bhopal. With this knowledge and the local sensitivity he assembled a solo programme. While playing, the multi-instrumentalist likes to take turns into other musical traditions. Depending on the descent of the brass instrument he plays the very moment. China, Peru, Bolivia, Japan, Ireland, Tunisia, the Balkans… everything is possible.