Ethnic Table

Wednesday 15th August, 18:00 – 22:00, Mariahilferplatz

The cooking pots in Graz are boiling and the air is filled with wonderful scents: 8 cooks from 8 different countries contribute their respective national dish. This culinary journey around the world is accompanied by table music unplugged, which makes the whole scenery perfect.

The 8-course meal starts in Dalmatia, continues via Greece to Africa and carries on to Turkey, Anatolia, Eastern Asia, Russia to finally arrive in India and Thailand.
Drinks are also an important ingredient on this table: ayran, mango lassi, chai, wine, beer, water, raki … have been proven valuable companions in such a colourful culinary experience. On a joint long table across the river Mur the guests are able to celebrate the night and taste the best of the multicultural diversity of this city.

Admission charge: EUR 39
(Limited admission! Tickets only available in advance until the 13th of August!)
Tickets available at Ö-Ticket counters and Murton concerts on the Mariahilferplatz

(This event takes place regardless of the weather.)